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Thanks to its team of Swiss-based engineers and its network of international trusted partners, 5w155 offers first class, cutting-edge IT services.

Mobile & Desktop Apps


Digital transformation

Developers as a service

Mobile & Desktop Apps

Because apps allow customer monetization, reinforce engagement and drive business.

Design and Develop

We build your prototype, helping you to focus on long-term value, by setting proper milestones.

CTO as service

We help scaling and managing your IT, evolving from idea to business.

Entrust your projects

We are the external resource that will develop projects and ideas for you and your company.


Because blockchain technologies are the computing protocols of tomorrow.

Training courses

Learn everything you want to know about crypto assets and blockchain technology.

Escrow agent

Support for crypto assets aquisition and storing.


We develop smart contracts, ICO tokens and platforms, trading tools and much more.

Digital transformation

Because internal digitalization requires an exterior eye.


We analyze your process to find out how to improve it and propose the milestones you need.


We implement and develop the right tools for you and your employees.


We look for strong partnerships, providing long-term support.

Developers as a service

Because you need to expand and reinforce your team in an agile way.


We find and offer the competencies that you need.

Availability and trust

Your development team evolves in our offices.


You have direct access to the development team.


It all started on the green campus of the EPFL, where 3 comrades passioned about IT and leet language met to discuss the pricing of an App that several local companies had quoted with outrageous costs.

Going in detail through all the specifications and costs, it became crystal clear: the three comrades would share their knowledge and competencies to build the app themselves!

"One for all, all for one"

5w155's DNA

Switzerland's decision-making process has always been based on consensus and general agreement. We share the same process. In some way, we have blockchain DNA!

A team dedicated to deliver tailor-made services.
On time and on budget.

Pablo Pfister
Pablo Pfister


Raphaël Maurice
Raphaël Maurice

CEO & co-founder

Riccardo Conti
Riccardo Conti


Thierry Fragnière
Thierry Fragnière



Joining 5w155 you gain precious insights from our amazing network of VCs, strategist or cryptocurrency insiders. Together we are stronger.

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